Connect Consultants is pleased to have been instrumental in the appeal decision to allow a change of use of residential apartments in central Reading.

The proposal was to change the lawful use of 16 serviced apartments to 15 residential apartments.

Although the site was already functioning as serviced apartments, it had fewer parking spaces than the Council’s current requirements, the parking layout did not meet current standards, and the site did not provide cycle storage.

Connect Consultants Transport Planning and Highway Engineering Consultants
Image courtesy of Atlas Planning Group

We were initially instructed for our Design Team to help respond to requests from the Council for a plan of the parking layout, cycle storage, and bin storage and collection arrangements.

Despite us providing the required information, the council refused to grant planning permission, citing one of the reasons as failure to comply with the council’s parking standards and design, and substandard cycle storage size.

Our client appealed against the council’s decision, and our Planning Team was retained to work alongside Atlas Planning Group to support the appeal.

Our case demonstrated through data analysis that the proposed number of parking spaces is sufficient to accommodate the likely demand, even though one of the existing spaces had to be removed to make spaces for the new cycle store.

We also argued that the parking layout and proposed cycle store would not be in conflict with any of the local or national planning policies.

In light of the information we presented, the Council dropped their case against the highways matters, and the Planning Inspector noted in his Appeal Decision that our analysis explains why the proposed parking would serve the development without displacing parking elsewhere.

Atlas Planning addressed the other reasons for refusal, and the appeal was allowed.


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