We are proud to have helped to secure planning permission for a new discount food store in Petersfield, Hampshire, where construction is about to begin.

The brand new Aldi store will occupy a previously vacant brownfield site, and will host a 1,800sqm food store with 100+ car parking spaces – a welcome addition to the area.

In the early stages of the planning process, our Transport Planning Team engaged with the Local Highway Authority, Hampshire County Council, to agree the scope of transport assessment work to support the planning application.

We maintained that dialogue with the Highway Authority throughout the planning process, reaching agreement that the surrounding highway network can accommodate the development traffic and that the proposed car parking would be able to accommodate the anticipated peak demand.

Planning support from Hampshire County Council Highways was secured through mutual agreement to improve the existing site access junction and a nearby crossroads, and to improve the local pedestrian infrastructure with a new footway and formalised crossing point.

Another successful collaboration with Planning Potential, The Harris Partnership, and Stirling Maynard.

Since planning permission was granted, our Highway Design Team has been working up the detailed designs for the highway works.

Now that construction is about to begin we are looking forward to supporting our client on site with the delivery of the new access, new pedestrian footway links and other highway improvements.

Here at Connect we love being part of a project from start to finish, and beyond. If you would like us to help secure planning permission, or to iron out the highway access details and support you with implementation and sign-off for your development, please drop us a line to have a chat about the services we offer.

Tim Britton tbritton@connect-consultants.com for Transport Planning

Fiona Neil fneil@connect-consultant.com for Highway Design


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