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Transport and highways are very often key issues that need to be considered at the earliest stages of identifying and promoting strategic land for development.

We are often asked to appraise a potential development site at the very start of the planning process, to provide expert advice on the feasibility of a site being promoted for future development, and its prospects as a planning application.

Our site appraisals are used by our clients to help inform their plan-making, and are often subsequently submitted as part of a formal representation to the Local Planning Authority through the Local Development Plan consultation process.

Our work typically takes into consideration the following:

  • Existing availability and the future options for sustainable, non-car travel to/from the site;
  • The accessibility and travel options to local services and facilities;
  • The existing highway infrastructure and local road network;
  • Options for creating access(es) to the site;
  • Existing and future traffic conditions;
  • Existing and potential road safety issues;
  • Potential levels of traffic generated by the future development;
  • Potential impacts and possible improvements on the road network;
  • Any other matters or criteria that may be under consideration by the Local Planning Authority.

If you would like Connect Consultants to appraise a site for potential strategic development, or just to discuss how we can help explore a site’s potential, please contact Tim Britton.

Our Transport Planning and Highway Design teams can of course assist and advise all the way through the planning application process and on to the construction stage, providing continuity through the whole project lifecycle.